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Get ready to fall in love ❤️ Meet Murphy, the best behaved rescue dog! A 10-months old American Staffy X with the purest and most beautiful heart with lots of love to give.

Murphy is house trained and a quiet dog around the house, apart from some true puppy-like bursts of energy and playfulness. He loves absolutely everyone and every other dog, no matter what size. He wants to say hi to all passing people and dogs on the street. He has good recall (with some dog-puberty behaviour at times) and loves running around in dog parks. He is reasonably well behaved on the lead but could do with further training as he can pull when he gets excited (especially when other dogs are in proximity).

When at home, Murphy loves doing his own thing and will lay outside in the sun on warm days. He will just chill around the house. He never barks. When it’s time to play, he will fetch balls and play tug-of-war. He’s fine with being left alone for short amounts of time.

He absolutely loves swimming. When there are other dogs in the park he will play with them and fetch balls together, or just chase each other around. He can play a bit rough and can forget his size and strength but it’s never aggressive.

Murphy likes chewing on toys and tug-of-war games and will need some strong toys he can’t easily destroy (he will only touch his own toys and has never chewed on anything else). He loves snuggles on the couch but will want his own space again after a while. When he does give you cuddles, he thinks he’s a lap dog and will snuggle up with you.

He loves to learn and quickly picks up new commands. He knows the basics (sit, stay etc) and is very food motivated and eager to learn and please.

Although Murphy will not show any aggression towards kids, he can be a bit unsure of the younger ones and will retract from them. He can find their unpredictable movements and high pitched voices a bit scary and will move away.

Murphy’s ideal wish list:
– Access to both outdoor and indoor spaces and sleep inside
– A couple or a family with older kids. Murphy is quite big and can be boisterous so younger kids are not advised because he will knock them over. He is also a bit unsure of the really young ones
– Murphy is quite strong so he would benefit from a confident leader who will teach him a few tricks on the lead
– No pocket animals or birds as he finds them way too fascinating. He hasn’t been tested with cats but at this stage I would advise against it based on his overly enthusiastic behaviour towards other small animals
– Someone who is willing to put in the time to mentally stimulate Murphy. He is very smart and needs enrichment exercises and toys to keep entertained

It is impossible not to fall in love with Murphy. He is a very smart, cheeky dog who has so much love to give. He has a very soft and kind nature and wants to give you kisses all day. All he needs is his forever home ❤️