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Join our cleaning crews at SAFE Haven

Please read what the job entails and if you would like to apply complete and send the application form below.

SAFE Haven is our Cat Rehoming Centre in Roseville. Volunteers care for our cats on a regular basis between 10am & 1pm every week. We ask that all volunteers become members of SAFE & perhaps buy a SAFE T-shirt to wear to work!

This is a very important job which ensures our cats are kept healthy & comfortable. Working as part of the team you will find yourself cleaning the cat suites, washing food bowls, scoops and litter trays and sweeping and mopping the floors. And when that’s all done hopefully there’s time left to socialise with the cats. 😸

General guidelines for Cleaning Crew

You need to be able to work independently but also co-operate with other members of a small team. You must be over 17, able to follow quite complex instructions in a responsible way. You will be expected to work with our strict protocols which help to prevent the spread of disease and ensure the health & safety of both you and the cats. If suitable you will need to undergo a 3 hour training session. Unfortunately as we are a small charity we currently do not have the resources to take on Duke of Edinburgh volunteers because of the supervision and paperwork requirements.

Volunteering is a very satisfying experience as you are directly helping to care for beautiful cats. Each volunteer usually finds a special soul and falls in love….again and again!

If we have no current vacancies or there isn’t a match with what you can offer you can still apply & we will place you on a waiting list. Things change quickly so you may be called upon sooner than you think! Thanks!

If you are thinking of volunteering please do check your transport options for travelling to SAFE Haven before completing the SAFE Haven Volunteer application form below and emailing it to

SAFE Haven Volunteer Application Form