Join our cleaning crews at SAFE Haven!

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CURRENTLY HAVE NO VACANCIES FOR VOLUNTEER CLEANING – JULY 2021. Please check this page again in a few weeks as things can change quite quickly.

SAFE Haven is our Cat Rehoming Centre in Roseville. If you can help us to care for our cats on a regular basis between 10am & 1pm one regular morning a week, please get in touch! We also ask that all volunteers join as members & perhaps buy a SAFE T-shirt to wear to work!

Your very important job is to make sure our cats are kept healthy & comfortable. Working as part of the team that day you make sure that the cat suites are clean and the litter trays are scooped. Every day the team is also responsible for washing food bowls, scoops and litter trays and sweeping and mopping the floors. You need to be able to work independently and responsibly but also co-operate with other members of the small team. You need to be able to follow quite complex instructions and adhere to strict protocols which are in place to help prevent the spread of disease between the cats.

Volunteering is a very satisfying experience as you are directly helping to care for beautiful cats. Every volunteer usually finds a special soul and falls in love….again and again!

How to apply

Please use the ‘Contact us’ form to communicate with us.

In the more information section please tell us

  • Why you want to help & what your job situation is? (If volunteering is part of an Animal Studies course or if you are volunteering as a stop gap until you find a job please let us know).
  • Where you live (If you don’t live close to Roseville we ask that you seriously consider how long it will take you to get there and that you visit SAFE Haven before you commit to applying)
  • Are you physically fit & able to bend and stretch?
  • Can you work independently & also work as part of a team?
  • Can you follow detailed instructions?
  • What experience do you have with cats?
  • What days could you be available to work a cleaning shift between 10 & 1pm?
  • Please confirm that you are over 17 years old
  • Thank you!