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Regardless of how they came onto our care, each animal has a unique story, a unique personality and different needs, and we try to match them with a home where they can be comfortable and loved – a home where they can stay forever.

If you are thinking of getting a new pet consider carefully how it will change your life. Discuss it with family, friends and housemates. You will be responsible for this animal for the rest of its life.

Have you considered what the ongoing cleaning, feeding, veterinary requirements and costs will be?

  • Do you know how much it will cost every week, month, year for food, preventatives and veterinary costs?
  • Do you appreciate that there will be ongoing cleaning & feeding?
  • Does your home restrict your choice? Do you have a small apartment or a large house? Do you have a big yard big or a small patio? Is it difficult to keep the doors and windows closed?
  • Is your home noisy or quiet?
  • If you have children are they old enough to understand how to interact appropriately with a new pet?
  • Do you have any other pets? If so do you think that they will accept a newcomer? (Remember that if introduced properly, most pets will adjust in time and many even come to enjoy each other’s company)
  • How much time are you at home and do you have enough time to walk/play with a pet?

Once you understand all of the responsibilities and everyone in the household agrees, look at the pets we have for adoption. Check out their photos & read about those you are attracted to. Do you think they could they be comfortable in your home? Are they a match? If you have questions or are unsure contact us.

Please call us to have a chat and then if a match is possible arrange to meet the pet. Bear in mind that some animals do not show their true personality to strangers so don’t expect them to be instantly loving on first meeting. First impressions are not always correct!