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Donate items, time or skills

Donate items

We are always grateful for donations of litter and food, especially kitten food and Royal Canin Mother& Babycat wet and dry food.

We have very limited space and are currently not taking donations of towels, blankets, bedding or merchandise. Please do not bring any of these things to SAFE Haven or leave them at the door as it means we have to find somewhere else that needs them and we don’t have the time to do this.

We are very grateful that you are thinking of us but unfortunately we can’t fit anything else into SAFE Haven and any space we have we want to fill with rescued cats. If you have any items to donate we suggest you approach other rescue organisations/vets.Please do not bring cat beds, towels or large blankets to SAFE Haven. We have very limited space and the cats don’t need them. This is because they live in self contained temperature controlled suites which never get cold and during the summer they like to lie on cool, uncovered surfaces. They generally only need a small towel to lie on and like lots of space to play.

Donate time or skills

You can help SAFE in other ways:

We struggle to find people who have enough TIME & commitment to help us out with…..

  • Taking dirty washing. You would need to pick up a bag from SAFE Haven in Roseville, wash and dry it, then drop it back. The washing mainly consists of small towels as we throw away any soiled items
  • Managing SAFE Haven, our Rehoming Centre every week for one day or half a day on an ongoing basis. This is a challenging role with a lot of responsibility and you would need to be able to juggle many varied tasks. You need to be able to relate to queries from the public and use software to facilitate adoptions. You will be someone with a wide general knowledge of cats and an open minded team approach. We have documented processes in place so if you have experience in a similar environment please consider helping us out. You would receive gradual training so talk to us if this is something you would be interested in.
  • Donating eligible containers from your household to the NSWReturnandearn machines &/or collecting them from local cafes/pubs/hotels.
  • Helping the Fundraising Co-ordinator eg acting as a food collection point or organising an event
  • Transporting items or cats. Taking cats to the vet to be desexed in the morning and/or collecting them in the afternoon. Collecting litter orders from the manufacturer
  • If you own a business becoming a corporate sponsor
  • Contacting animal loving celebrities to become ambassadors for SAFE – Is there someone in your circle of friends? Can you mount a campaign to recruit a celebrity to further our cause?
  • Printing and displaying animal profiles to display in public places or using profiles for letter box drops in your neighbourhood.You can print profiles of all available cats from ourwebsite

If you have the compassion, dedication, skills and time to make a difference Let us know!