Frequently Asked Questions

Where do your animals come from?

Most of our animals are surrendered and have been ‘pre-loved’ pets because at they come from loving homes. For a variety of reasons their owners can no longer look after them and they have no choice but to find somewhere else for them to go. We also take animals from the pound and many of our animals are found by Good Samaritans.

Why do you charge a fee?

We are a registered not-for-profit charity operating out of rented premises. We get no income from the government and pay for everything with money that comes from donations, boarding fees, adoption fees, surrender fees and fundraising. We microchip, desex, vaccinate, apply flea and worm products and treat pets that come into our care so our vet bills are high. We also have to pay for food, supplies, PPE and rent.

What should I do if I find a kitten/kittens?

If you find kittens their mother is probably is nearby so please leave them where they are until you can determine if the mother is not coming back. Kittens, especially very young ones do not do well without their mother and if separated can sometimes die. If their mother doesn’t return within a day or so contact every rescue organisation you can find to see if they will take them. If their mother does return you might find a rescue organisation which can help to catch and take them all. Meanwhile you can feed the mother so she in turn can feed her kittens. We advise that you try to find homes for them all through your own network because rescues are normally full especially in kitten season. If you can’t find a rescue to take them and you are still feeding them and the kittens are getting big, you need to get mum & bubs desexed. You may be able to get help from one of the larger rescue groups to organise this at a reduced rate.

What shoud you do if you find an adult cat or a dog?

If the cat looks healthy it may just be roaming in your neighbourhood and will return to its home within a few days. If it doesn’t look healthy try to catch it and take to the nearest vet. They can check if it has a microchip which will give the owner’s details. If there is no microchip and you are concerned about the cat you can contact rescue organisations to see if they have room to take it in. If you contact the council they will take the animal to a pound. However pounds are always full and the ending may not be the one you hoped for. For the best outcome, you can bring the animal into your family or continue to feed it (you must get it desexed though for this to be a good outcome). You can also ask around your network of friends, family & neighbours if they can take it on.

How can I help SAFE?

You can help in many ways. The most direct way is to adopt an animal from us! But you can help us to save more animals in other ways too – find out how

What is SAFE’s euthanasia policy?

SAFE Rehoming is a no kill animal welfare organisation, please click here for more information.

Can I surrender my animal to you?

Before you consider surrendering your pet please speak with a behaviourist. Many issues can be solved simply and quickly with the correct approach. SAFE has two qualified behaviourists on staff who can give you free advice and if necessary assess, treat & help to train your animal for a reasonable fee. We feel it’s important to keep animals in their homes wherever possible, however life doesn’t always go to plan. Surrendering a pet is an extremely difficult decision to make but often the best option for everyone, and we aim to make the process as easy as possible. All we ask is that if you want to surrender because you’re at your wits end and your pet’s behaviour is driving you crazy, that you talk to us first.

SAFE is a small charity and depending on how full we are, we can only take a very limited number of surrenders. If we can’t take your animal we can place you on a waiting list, however we won’t be able to give you a date when we will be able to take it. We have no premises to keep dogs and a severe lack of foster carers which makes it especially difficult and the chances are that another larger organisation will be able to help you sooner than we can. So we strongly recommend that you reach out to friends and family as well as trying larger organisations such as Sydney Dogs and Cats Home or the Cat Protection Society.

In the event that we can take your animal there will be a surrender fee to help cover our costs until it is re-homed.