Foster an animal

SAFE is always in need of foster carers for both cats and dogs but especially for dogs. Fostering is very rewarding as you get to see unwanted animals blossom and change as you love them and they come to trust you. The hardest part is letting them go – but you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped them on their way to a forever home. Then it’s time to move on and help the next one!!

As we don’t have premises to keep dogs, they have to be fostered until we can find them a home. And even though most of our cats & kittens are cared for at SAFE Haven, we still need foster carers to look after the ones who are too young to be adopted, those who are sick & in need of special medical care, and those recovering from surgery.

Kittens/Mums & Kittens

During kitten season which runs generally from November to March we have mums and kittens who need caring for until they are ready for adoption. If you haven’t fostered before, a mum with kittens is a good way to start as mum takes care of the kittens and all you need to do is provide her with food and water. In fact your most important job will be to play with them, cuddle them and generally get them used to being handled so that they grow up to be well-rounded cats. If the kittens are very young they will stay with mum and you only need a small space to keep them in, but as they grow they will need more space to play. You will care for them all until they are ready to be transferred to SAFE Haven for adoption. This will be when the kittens are strong enough to be de-sexed (this depends on their weight) and when mum has stopped feeding them.


Cats in foster care need to be kept indoors. They generally need a relatively small space at first where they can get comfortable and used to their new environment – even well adjusted cats can take a while to become more relaxed, so you need to be patient. The ideal space to keep your foster cat is a spare room where you can provide everything they need including toys and a scratching post.

If you wish, we can provide you with food, bowls for food and water, a litter tray, litter, toys and a scratching post. We will also cover all veterinary bills. And you will not be alone! We are always on the end of the phone to give you help or more information.

If you’d like to know more about fostering a cat or want to foster a cat contact us.


Most of the dogs we rehome are medium to large size so you will need space indoors and out. Ideally they need two medium walks or at least one long walk per day, as well as several toilet breaks if there is no access to the outdoors between walks. Taking time to play with your dog also helps to keep them stimulated and our behaviourists can support you with advice and training techniques if needed.

If you wish we can also provide food, bowls, collar, lead (and harness if required). We will also cover all veterinary bills.

If you think you can foster a dog or you would like to know more about what it involves, please contact us.