Surrender your pet

If the reason you want to surrender is because of undesirable behaviour SAFE has two experienced, qualified behaviourists who are happy to provide behavioural advice so that you can try to keep the dog with you.

However we know that life doesn’t always go to plan and making the decision to surrender your pet can be extremely difficult and in extreme circumstances this is often the best option. There are many reasons why a pet needs to be surrendered but the important thing is that they are adopted into another loving home.

Finding another home for a pet through an organisation is not as easy as rehoming them through your personal network and we highly recommend that you first reach out to people you know including friends and family. In addition, try other, larger organisations who have more room, such as the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home or the Cat Protection Society as they will probably be able to help you sooner than we can.

SAFE is a small charity and we can only take a very limited number of surrenders. Please bear in mind that there are many people who want to surrender their animals and often the best we can do is put you on a waiting list. We will not be able to guarantee that we can take your pet, especially if given a tight time-frame. In the event that we have the capacity/space to take your pet we guarantee we will make the process as easy as possible to reduce stress for you both. We treat each and every one as if they were our own so you can rest assured that your beloved pet will be in good hands.

As we are a charity, if you hand over responsibility to us we charge a surrender fee which contributes to the care of your pet until adopted. If your pet is microchipped, desexed and currently covered by a vaccination this fee is $200. Additional charges will also apply if this is not the case.

Our ability to take dogs into care is determined by the number of suitable foster homes we have available and finding them is a constant challenge.

Dog Surrender Enquiry Form – please download, complete and return as a scan/photo/attachment to and we will contact you.