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SAFE is ‘No Kill’

SAFE is a ‘no kill’ organisation

SAFE is guided by the ‘No Kill Advocacy Centre’ (USA) and other successful programs around the world which work to reduce euthanasia.

No kill means that animals are never killed because there isn’t enough space at the shelter or because they are sick, handicapped, unattractive, or have behavioural problems that are correctable. They are only killed (euthanised) to alleviate their suffering or because they are deemed to be a danger to people or other animals.

At SAFE our aim is to rehabilitate and rehome every pet that comes into our care and this is our first priority in every case, regardless of an animal’s history. We have two qualified behaviourists who work with pets no matter how difficult their case may seem, and we care for them for as long as it takes until they are adopted. However, we will, with sad hearts, humanely euthanise animals if they are too sick to be treated or to prevent them from further suffering, pain or stress. Also we would consider helping them across the Rainbow Bridge if we are unable to help them behave appropriately in the community. We make these decisions very rarely, never lightly, and always in consultation with appropriately qualified people.

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