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Michi’s (Lucia’s) story

Hi, my name is Chelsy and I adopted my very first cat on the 25th September ’20 from Safe Rehoming. This is Michi, previously known as Lucia. I remember looking at Michi’s adoption page on 22nd September, thinking that it might not be the right one for me because I was looking for a kitten and she was a young mum. But then I thought, if everybody loves kittens, who is willing to take care of older cats? So I made the decision to at least go to SAFE Rehoming and check her out.

When I came there, I was greeted by Tim. I introduced myself and told a little bit of my background. Tim was very patient and accomodating. He answered all my enquiries and even taught me how to interact with cats. I remember I was in there for at least an hour and went back bringing papers of the considerations before adopting pets.

Then, 3 days later, I decided that I was going to adopt Michi. Went there, talked for another 3 hours, asking every single question that I can think of, then proceed to adopt her. I was really really thankful that Tim and his team were very nice and helpful on that day. Later that week, Irene, texted me and provided weekly on-going support.

Adopting Michi as my first cat was not easy because she was very scared and timid so it took quite some time for her to adjust to her new life. So grateful that Irene was willing to go the extra mile and gave lots of suggestions and recommendations from flea prevention, medications to behavioural suggestions.

This month is the mark of her 6 months adoption and I can say that she is a totally different cat. She is willing to be touched, hugged and carried. She plays like a kitten every single day. She is okay when other people are coming to the house. I would say that the steps by steps guide and the available support from SAFE Rehoming have made the adoption and adaptation process went so well. At the end of the day, patience and perseverance are the key. Do not be discouraged by mini step backs once in a while.