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Bosley’s transformation

A couple of months ago there was a dirty white cat roaming the streets in Canley Vale. Our good friend Claire Boland decided that we could not leave this beautiful gentle soul out there to fend for himself and brought him to SAFE. We decided to name him Bosley. Bosley was very loved here and extremely affectionate but struggled to get used to living in a cage and continually peed anywhere but the toilet. This did not deter his new guardian to fall in love with him when she came to SAFE. She kept visiting him until he had his health checks done and was ready to come home with her and her partner. At this stage Bosley was still peeing in his cage so his new guardians took a massive leap of faith. But it was clearly meant to be as Bosley settled in instantly and started using his toilet quite happily. Just look at how happy he is 😻