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Samantha making progress

Here’s an update from Samantha’s new mum. Samantha is quite a shy cat and took a while to settle into SAFE Haven when she first arrived. Now she is in a home Jackie is following our advice, taking it very slowly and letting Samantha adapt at her own pace. Well done Jackie!

“This week (Week 2 now) she’s been eating well, using the scratching post well and toileting well 🙂 There’s always low purrs when she gets petted,
enjoys a chin scratch or is being combed – a lot of her rubbing her face
against my hand, putting her weight on my hand and rolling over so I can get the right spot. She still is quite scared though – doesn’t make any noises, and prefers to maintain a safe distance between the two of us when she’s out in the open (unless food is involved), and doesn’t go up anywhere high if I’m in the room (I have woke up to her at 6am sniffing everything on the table. I pretended to be asleep so she could continue doing her thing).”