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Mia – the lap cat who loves company

Mia started to settle into her new home immediately. Within hours she was exploring her room and occasionally meowing to get attention and pats.

After about a week her family didn’t want her to get bored at night so they bought her some soft toys & wondered if they should leave a light on. But Mia didn’t seem interested in the toys & cats can see in the dark at least 5x better than us so she didn’t need a light. Mia gradually started to explore but from time to time ran back to the safety of her room and her owners noticed that whenever she meows, she usually wants something – usually a treat or a lap to sit on. It’s now been more than a month & Mia is turning into a very sweet cat. It has been no trouble at all introducing her to her new home and her family say that she’s great company and a huge lap cat & they couldn’t have wished for more!