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Happy Tails – Kate, Helena & Jagger – a mixed bag & generous new family…

Kate & Helena had been in SAFE’s care quite a long time but Jagger the lively kitten was was too hard to resist so these viewers adopted 3!

At home it was a little noisy overnight as the trio scratched at the flyscreen and played with toys and it was hard to tell who was eating and who was toileting.

After one month Kate is now named (sassy) Peaches, Helena is (shy) Honey and Jagger is a food monster. One of them has walked over the owner in bed and if the family are sitting quietly at night they all come out and start running around, up and down the stairs, chasing balls, running through tunnels and generally making a racket. In summary they are all starting to relax at home. Considering how long the two girls were at SAFE waiting to be adopted they have made good progress which is now gathering speed and patience is paying off. Honey will be their sweet little girl and Peaches & Jagger are already partners in crime!