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Amber- super-intelligent & super-playful

At Day 1 the family were already in love with this beautiful older kitten and although she was very timid at first and kept her distance, over time she has turned into a very talkative girl who flops down for pats and purrs like crazy when petted and scratched under her chin. After 1 month she had chosen the owner’s son as her favourite person, probably because he plays with her most and that is her absolutely favourite thing. Amber is curious about the outside world so the family had to make sure that all of the windows were ‘cat escape-proof’ and are always very careful when opening the door. At the 3 month mark the bonds were deepening and they remarked “It’s lovely to see more and more of Amber’s personality emerging. She is super-intelligent, super- energetic and super-playful.” We’re so glad that Amber has found her forever home!