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The little love-bug

Ebony was adopted from SAFE Haven almost a year ago.

Her mum, Kate, says; “It was a slow start getting Ebony comfortable and settled into her new home. We didn’t have a spare room, so set up a ‘safe space’ by covering chairs and a table in the corner with old sheets. Initially, she would hide whenever we moved around but would come out at night to play. I used food treats to slowly build her trust and once she knew she was safe, she would come out to explore and sit near us more and more. 

Fast forward 10 months and we have one of the most affectionate cats. Each small milestone – from the first time she would let me give her an ear scratch, her first purr, to the first time she jumped onto my lap – has been so rewarding. She’s so inquisitive and curious and will sniff anything new. She loves to play and would play with me for hours with her wand if I had the stamina to play for that long! While she’s still wary of strangers, her inquisitive nature means she can’t help but come and say hello.

I feel the patience in allowing her to lead our bonding has made our bond the strongest I’ve ever had with a cat. Really couldn’t imagine life without my little love-bug!”