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Tigger’s Tail

Tigger was adopted from SAFE Haven a few months ago and is just loving family life.  Below are some highlights from him on his adventures.

“Hi! My name is Tigger. I was rescued as a kitten by SAFE and then a few months ago I was adopted by a wonderful family who love me for who I am.  Here’s a bit about me and how I like to spend my days.

I am an energetic tabby who is a little mischievous with loads of love. Did I say mischievous! Well, my all-time party trick is to jump into the refrigerator and refuse to leave.  Just a hint to all the fluff and fur friends out there; there is lots of food inside! My favourite junk food is anything dairy and when no one is looking, I will knock it off. I know how to hold humans to ransom. Humans think we can’t handle the cold, well they’ve got that wrong!

I love to spend time with everyone in my family every day.

I just love to run around, up and down everything and on anything that is high. I also don’t mind a game of tennis, it is great fun trying to catch that ball on TV, but it can be a bit confusing as the ball tends to disappear and reappear out of nowhere.

I just love following my human mum around the house, who is always busy doing things. When she is not looking I like climbing into the cupboard and investigate everything inside it. I even know how to open the pantry door, not bad for a young fella!

My favourite activity is to go outside and have a cuppa with my mum on the deck. I love to watch everything that flies past, especially the birds. You know those beautiful creatures that have wings and love to tease cats. I’ve been dive bombed and chirped at a few times.

I also have a big human brother and we have lots of fun together, going everywhere around the house, even if I am not impressed about the activity. I am kind natured and very easy going.

When I have my down time, I just love to lie-down and relax with everyone together. Those are my happiest moments, and I don’t want that time to end.

Thanks to SAFE Haven for taking great care of me when I was there. They are amazing humans who do a great and thankless job for us and to the human society.

I hope that all my fellow fluffy and furry friends also find their perfect families in future.”