Lily - Chequered rabbit


Can you adopt or foster Lily? Please call us on 0404 753 227.

Lily has a healthy, black & white, chequered coat and we suspect she is very smart. She doesn’t like to mix with other rabbits and is a bit of a loner. She is desexed.

Because they are prey animals rabbits are generally quite cautious and Lily is no exception. She is anxious about new situations and takes a while to settle into new environments.

Lily is not happy about being homeless. Once she has more space either in her own rabbit-proof room or in a very secure, sheltered outside area with a closeable section, she will be able do rabbit things and be very happy.

We hope that you can offer her that chance.

If the statements below describe you & your home, please come in to meet Lily or call us 0404 753 227.

  • I do not have children under 12
  • I have experience caring for rabbits
  • I understand that Lily will be Lily and I will accept her for who she is


Less Than 1 Year
short hair
SAFE Haven Roseville
I am a pet that...
can live in an apartment
would prefer a quiet home