Koda - Sweetheart


Koda had a hard start to life but she hadn’t allowed it to scar her.

We were asked to help her because she was with a family who could no longer care for her. She was raised in a crate in a garage with no kind of normalcy. She had no socialisation with other dogs and gets extremely excited when meeting new people. She doesn’t have much experience with the outside world but her foster carers are doing their best to expose her to sounds (like the blender) and areas she hasn’t been to before.

Koda is learning how to interact with other dogs but tends to allow her excitement to get in the way and will rush into situations she doesn’t know how to deal with. She will need a home with no other animals and no young kids. She is great with people but doesn’t know her size and is still learning how to interact properly and learning manners. Koda is a kind hearted dog who needs an extra special, loving family.

If you think you can be the special home Koda needs, please contact us.

From Koda:

My foster parents tell me I have the sweetest and most lovable personality and I’m comfortable with children and adults alike. I take to people naturally and prefer human company to the company of other dogs. I need a family or carer who won’t leave me at home on my own because I will get distressed because it will remind me of how I was left alone earlier in life.

I love being anywhere as long as it is with you and my family. I can sleep outside if I know you are nearby. You can teach me anything with food especially sausages, chicken or cheese. Yup, I’m very food motivated and I have a figure to show for it too! (luckily I’m also athletic so keep my figure fairly balanced). I love to play with toys – and love chewing on a bone and of course my lick mat. I’ve invented my own special game of fetch and chasing, and I love sniffing, and daily walks and cuddles anytime of day or night.

I love greeting you every time I see you and my goofy play will keep you laughing. I also have a very sensitive side so am a great companion if you’re watching sad movies as I’ll be the first to comfort you (involves lots of kissing/licking and snuggling). I can sit quietly while you work from home if I’m near you and feel seen and connected. I get excited and anxious when I see other dogs because I’ve never learnt to play with them – but I’m slowly learning to trust my carer when we’re on walks.

Strange sounds make me jittery especially the whipper snipper and blender and I just need a caring hand or cuddle when I’m startled. Foster parents have reassured me that I’m making amazing progress and get straight A’s with my sit, stay and watch command!

If you have love to give I’ll double it in return.

3-4 years
American Staffy
short hair

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