Archer - Gentle Giant


Archer is a gentle, misunderstood soul, has a big heart with lots of love to give and is amazing with children.

Archer came to us the day before he was due to be euthanised. There were issues in the previous home and they thought it was the only option until they saw a post from SAFE, 2 days before they took him to the vet.

Archer can be a little protective of his home environment and those he cares for but after some time around new faces he comes to accept them.

He loves playing with big dogs but can be a little rough at times so he is currently going through some training to learn how to play nice. When it comes to small dogs Archer can get a little anxious and goes into a bit of a flight or fight mode, this is also being worked on with a few little training exercises.

Archer loves a good cuddle… on his terms.. as soon as it hits 7pm he likes to be on his own bed and sleep by himself and not be interrupted.

He will only play with his toys between the hours of 4pm and 7pm – this is no word of a lie! All other hours of the day he loves lazing in the sun, getting pats and going for walks.

Other than needing some help with his behaviour with dogs, Archer becomes a bit timid of men holding poles, high visibility clothes and being yelled at. With this in mind, he will need an understanding home where he will be given the time to settle in and love his family.

Archer deserves a loving and caring family with no other animals as he needs all the time and affection possible.

Bull Arab
short hair
I am a pet that...
gets on with dogs
is lively and energetic

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