Archer - Gentle Giant


Archer is a gentle, misunderstood soul with a big heart with lots of love to give. He is amazing with children and loves a good cuddle.

Archer has his own routines.  He only plays with his toys between 4 and 7pm – this is no word of a lie! The rest of the day he loves lazing in the sun, keeping you companys and going for walks. But as soon as the clock hits 7pm he likes to be in bed! He sleeps by himself in his own bed and that’s it for the night. How cute & well behaved …

Like many dogs Archer has a lot to learn about interacting with other dogs. He loves playing with big dogs but can be a little rough at times and he gets anxious around little dogs.   If new people appear he can be a bit protective of his home environment and those he cares for, but he will gradually accept them when he knows they can be trusted. He can also be timid around men wearing high visibility clothes holding poles and he doesn’t like being shouted at. In foster care he is undergoing training to learn how to deal with these situations better.

Are you an understanding family with no other animals who can give him the time and reassurance so he can relax and learn? You will need to commit to ongoing training to help Archer deal with the world but this dog is very special and will more than repay you with adoration and so much love.

Two days before he was due to be euthanised, Archer’s owners saw a post from SAFE and contacted us. We thought he deserved another chance. Do you?


1-2 years
Bull Arab
short hair
I am a pet that...
gets on with dogs
is lively and energetic

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