Stella - A journey with a shy girl


Adopting a shy cat is like embarking on a journey. You know that it  will provide challenges along the way but also that it has the potential to be very rewarding, and you’re happy to stride out, take everything as it comes and deal with it step by step.

Stella is very shy. She came into SAFE with her brother Ziggy &  she is taking a while to settle into SAFE. Her main response has been to hide as she is finding the experience quite overwhelming.

If you come to meet Stella at SAFE she will be very timid and retiring but she has shown signs that she really wants to be brave by rolling over around & inviting pats. But she hasn’t been able to take that courageous next step yet. We’re fairly sure that once she is able to settle into a home environment with routines and consistency, that she will gradually let her defences down, stop hiding and reveal a big heart.  Yes, it will be a journey with Stella but if you let it happen at her pace there will be much joy to be had.

If the statements below describe you & your home,  please come in to meet Stella or call us on 0404 753 227.

  • I do not have children under 12 living at home
  • I have a quiet home
  • I will keep Stella as an indoor-only cat
  • I am prepared for Stella to take a while  to settle

Cat accessories such as carriers, litter trays, litter scoops, food bowls, etc. are all available for purchase at SAFE Haven, with all proceeds going back to the pets waiting to find their forever homes.

If Stella isn’t the cat for you please monitor our website for your perfect match!
1-2 years
Domestic Short Hair
short hair
SAFE Haven Roseville
I am a pet that...
can live with other cats
can live in an apartment
would prefer a quiet home
is indoors only
desexed microchipped health checked vaccinated treated for fleas & worms
Contact us to find out more using the form below or come and meet Stella at the SAFE Haven in Roseville

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