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Mooshi and Pooki


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Mooshi and Pooki are are a pair of very affectionate and immediately likeable cats. They have always been together so they come as a special package… together!

They are eleven years young with many years left in them yet as they are healthy and friendly and are a good mix of chilled out and lively. They are both big on purring and love a good cuddle.

Mooshi and Pooki will need a garden to roam in during the day but should be kept inside at night. Pooki is a shy to start with but doesn’t take long to warm to you; Mooshi is confident and cuddly from the start.

This adorable loving pair are in foster care and their foster carer can’t understand why they haven’t been snapped up! If she didn’t already have 6 cats of her own, she says she would definitely keep them herself!!
Let us know if you’re interested in talking to her and meeting this perfect pair of companions….