Mia & Bella - 2 gorgeous torties!


Mia is Bella’s mum & they were brought to SAFE by a good samaritan who found them living together on the street. Bella was just a small kitten at that time.

Both cats have a deep bond and we hope they can go to a new home together. How cute they are when they curl up with each other to sleep and how amusing they are when they chase and play with each other. All in all they are just the best of friends. Bella is still a little shy with strangers but Mia is very friendly and loves attention and pats. These are the kind of cats that make you smile when you see them and interact with them.

They would complete any home and you wouldn’t have to worry about either of them getting lonely when you are out and about.  Double the love – who could ask for more?

desexed microchipped health checked vaccinated treated for fleas & worms
Contact us to find out more using the form below or come and meet Mia & Bella at the SAFE Haven in Roseville

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