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Loz – cute kitten

Loz is a 4 month old kitten available for adoption from SAFE Animal Rehoming in Roseville Sydney.

Loz is a young brown tabby kitten with short hair. Born into a litter of 6, he has 4 brothers and one sister and they were all quite a handful for mum Elsa.

The kittens love playing with each other and like all kittens are curious, playful and ready for affection. They are still fairly new to the world so are still innocent beautiful souls looking for a loving family to take them into their arms and commit to caring for them.

Cat accessories such as carriers, litter trays, litter scoops, food bowls, etc. are all available for purchase at SAFE Haven, with all proceeds going back to the pets waiting to find their forever homes. You can help SAFE save lives by becoming a monthly donor, click here for details.

If Loz isn’t the cat for you please monitor our website for your perfect match!