Layla - Shy with potential


Layla is quite shy and cautious. However if you are willing to work with her she responds really well. The way to her heart is through food, and with perseverance,  little by little she will start to allow you into her life. She is alert and intelligent and you can see her weighing up whether coming close is worth it,  but the food always wins out.

Layla was being fed with a group of cats by a kind family in Liverpool and she made friends with another kitten called Lennox (we called them all names starting with ‘L’ as they came from Liverpool). These two kittens have bonded and it would be great if they could be rehomed together but it’s not essential.

She loves chasing wand toys and once she gets to know and trust you Layla enjoys being stroked. It will take time to bond with her but it will be a project close to your heart and she is well worth it.

Her foster carer has been working with her for a few weeks and is at the stage where Layla is getting comfortable with her . “Getting to know Layla hasn’t been easy but she has shown that she is open to making relationships and this means it will be easier the next time. With love and patience she will be a lovely companion for a mature person in a quieter household.”

Less Than 1 Year
Domestic Short Hair
short hair
I am a pet that...
would prefer a quiet home
is calm and chilled
is playful
desexed microchipped health checked vaccinated treated for fleas & worms
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