Layla & Lennox - Friends- chalk & cheese


Before they came to SAFE Lennox and Layla lived together in an extended family of cats cared for by a human family. They found comfort in each other’s company and choose each other as friends and so we want them to be re-homed together. You will win Lennox’s heart fairly quickly. He loves being stroked and is learning to enjoy being picked up. Both older kittens are responsive to food training and will need to be kept in one room together for as long as it takes for them to start trusting you. This could be a month or more but during that time you can establish routines and watch them relax and respond. You will be able to look forward to the time when they decide that they are in a safe, loving environment and they come to love you. This will be your reward! And the bonus is, if you are out at work all day they will always have each other for company.

Lennox (black & white medium hair male) likes to interact with people and is very endearing especially when he asks you to stroke him by putting his paw on your arm. He is quick to warm up to strangers after a few minuts and is very outgoing.  This boy lives life in the fast lane, jumping on to toys feet first and guzzling his food as if there’s no tomorrow. He rushes around checking things out and is always on the look out for the next thing to do with quick bursts of energy. There’s no doubt about it, Lennox is the boss of these two and muscles in on Layla whenever he can. (PS It’s hard to get a photo of him sitting still!)

Layla (tortoiseshell short hair female) is extremely shy and it will take her a while to respond to your advances as she is very cautious. The way to her heart though is through food, and if you persevere,  little by little she will learn to trust you. She is the brains of the operation and is alert and intelligent – she will calculate the risk of coming forward to you against any benefit but as long as food’s involved she will gradually allow you stroke her. She loves chasing wand toys but hangs back if Lennox jumps in to take over and she is generally submissive to him.

Check out his beautiful bushy tail! Lennox adores & believes in his friend Layla and whilst you are persuasing her you can be trusted, Lennox will give you lots of love & kisses to get you through. These adorable twosome are in foster care in Carlingford where Layla is taking big strides, (fairy steps at a time!) to become less cautious. It goes without saying that their foster carer thinks they will both make wonderful pets.


Less Than 1 Year
Domestic Short Hair
short hair
SAFE Haven Roseville
desexed microchipped health checked vaccinated treated for fleas & worms
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