Jumi - Head butter!!


Jumi was living in a family with another dog until 2 new kittens were brought home. He was surrendered because he wasn’t coping. Usually super affectionate (he loves head butting you!), he began to get over-excited when playing and would play bite when over-stimulated. If you know cats, you will understand that this is a common reaction when they are  scared and trying to protect their own space  and we think that perhaps Jumi found himself in this situation and was overwhelmed.

We can’t say for certain that he will get out of this habit and he may always be a little unpredictable but he is a big loveable tabby boy who is still young & playful and given the right outlet for his energy and enough attention and you are patient, he will learn to feel secure enough to relax in your home.

If the statements below describe you & your home,  please call 0404 753 227.

  • I do not have children under 12 living at home
  • I have no other pets
  • I will provide Jumi with suitable play and stimulation and let him dictate the pace

Cat accessories such as carriers, litter trays, litter scoops, food bowls, etc. are all available for purchase at SAFE Haven, with all proceeds going back to the pets waiting to find their forever homes.

If Jumi isn’t the cat for you please monitor our website for your perfect match!

2-3 years
Domestic Short Hair
short hair
SAFE Haven Roseville
I am a pet that...
gets on with dogs
can live in an apartment
would prefer a quiet home
is playful
is affectionate
desexed microchipped health checked vaccinated treated for fleas & worms
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