Jewel - Hidden gem


Jewel is a lovely affectionate cat who has had a difficult life. Since coming into our care she has got to know us but she is still quite shy at first,  preferring to hide under her bed so you can’t see her if it’s noisy or there are strangers about.

Jewel came to us with four 1 day old kittens and this was her 3rd litter in quick succession. Thankfully, the kind person who had been feeding her built up enough trust to catch her & the kittens so that they wouldn’t have to continue living on the streets.

Jewel is still a young girl. Although she wants you to stroke her,  she will hiss and rub her face against your hand at the same time! This is confused, unusual behaviour which is slowly disappearing and we are confident that once she can relax in a comfortable, loving, quiet home it will disappear completely.

Jewel would be best suited to quieter household, and will thrive best as the only pet. She will take some time to settle in, so plenty of patience will be required. During this settling in period, she will need to be contained in one small room to begin with so she is not overwhelmed and slowly be introduced to the rest of the house. This process should take time, potentially even months before we would expect her to be completely comfortable exploring a whole house or apartment.

A may be a long haul with Jewel, but will be worth it in the end as her personality begins to shine through!

1-7 years
short hair
SAFE Haven Roseville
desexed microchipped health checked vaccinated treated for fleas & worms
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