Daisy - Energetic & adventurous


You can see it in her eyes can’t you? Daisy is an energetic, adventurous and playful character. She is a sweet and affectionate young girl who will run to you for a pat, follow you around like a shadow and is always ready for a play.

Daisy is confident and gentle with other cats and would enjoy the company of another playful kitty. She could also adapt to a home with gentle dogs.

Some would say that Daisy is cheeky or mischievous but we’d prefer to think that she gets so involved in playing and so over-stimulated that it’s not her fault if your arm gets in the way of her paw…. or mouth… It is because of this that she needs to go to a home without young children, even though she is family friendly. and at times like this it’s best to play with a wand-type toy

Daisy loves to sit up high, so a home with climbing frames or cat towers is a must. Part of her adventurous nature is that she loves to hunt, so a cat enclosure would be advised if she is allowed outdoors.

If the statements below describe you & your home,  please call 0404 753 227.

  • I do not have kids living at home under 5 years old
  • I am looking for a playful and energetic cat and will provide suitable cat furniture for Daisy to use
  • I accept that Daisy can sometimes play vigorously and will encourage her to use suitable, risk-free toys

If Daisy isn’t for you please monitor our website for your perfect match!

2-3 years
Domestic medium hair
Medium hair
SAFE Haven Roseville
I am a pet that...
can live in an apartment
is lively and energetic
is playful
desexed microchipped health checked vaccinated treated for fleas & worms
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