Bodhi & Tara - Gentle affectionate besties


Bodhi & Tara have been living happily with their family. Unfortunately one of their humans now a serious medical condition and they have had to surrender them.

These two cats are an affectionate pair. They have lived together a long time and are very close to each other. They still snuggle up as if they are kittens and love hanging out and playing together in their own room inside the house. They have never been outside.

Bodhi is a gorgeous long-haired boy who is friendly to all comers –  after briefly checking them out. He loves being petted behind the ears & under his chin. Bodhi’s a clever boy and has worked out that the best way to keep cool is by lying on his tummy on the floor and that the best way to keep close to his humans is by crouching on the back of the lounge.  He is quite attached to the family’s American Bulldog & they were sometimes to be found asleep on the same bed.

Tara is not quite as outgoing as Bodhi and can take a while to warm up to people. She  doesn’t take well to new situations and can find the tiniest of spots to hide in, but once she trusts you she is super-affectionate, welcoming gentle back rubs and sitting on your lap for a cuddle or a nap. Overall she is very quiet, sweet, peaceful girl who. Unlike Bodhi, she kept her distance from the Bulldog but tolerated his presence.

If you are able to adopt these two cute cats we know you won’t be able to help falling in love with their unassuming personalities!

If the statements below describe you & your home,  please call 0404 753 227.

  • I do not have children under 5 living at home
  • I am prepared for Tara to take a week or two to settle (& to find spots to hide at first!)
  • I will keep the cats indoors

If Bodhi & Tara aren’t the cats for you please monitor our website for your perfect match!


1-7 years
Domestic medium hair
Domestic Short Hair
Medium hair
short hair
SAFE Haven Roseville
I am a pet that...
can live in an apartment
is calm and chilled
is indoors only
is one of a bonded pair
is playful
is cuddly
is affectionate
comes with a friend
desexed microchipped health checked vaccinated treated for fleas & worms
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