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Some members of a pathology lab who worked in the Sonic building in Sydney fed and cared for the stray cats who lived nearby. Named after the building, Sonic was a friendly kitten and was soon a favoured pet.

Sonic is a handsome, slender cat who loves his toys and scratching post. He also loves a lap and a good cuddle. Sonic is wary of new situations so will take a few days to get used to anywhere strange to him. But once he settles in he will be a great companion.

He comes with a scratching post, litter tray and tools, two tunnels and a pile of toys. Sonic would be best suited to a mature home where he would be indoors only.

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Sammy is a big boy with a big voice and big heart

He will follow you around talking and even when he's on your lap purring, he will interrupt his purr with little chirrups every so often!

He is definitely a people type of cat but he is fine to be left alone and loves his food. He has put on some weight while in foster and is now a good healthy weight. In his new home, you will need to be careful you don't overfeed him, as he will eat whatever you give him.

Sammy is a relatively easy going boy once he settles in, however he may take a week or two to adjust to a new environment. He can be shy to begin with but if you have patience, he will come around pretty quickly and once he does he's very affectionate

If you're looking for a cat who will seem like he's always been a member of the family, Sammy is the one for you!

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Casper is a lovely boy who enjoys time with you and is also happy during times that he is on his own. He is a bit of mummy's boy and would do well in a house with another friendly cat.

He is quieter than his sister but once he gets hungry, the voice comes out and he is not afraid to tell you that you are going too slow!!

Just like a typical kitten, Casper needs lots of bonding time and just loves playing with toys, especially balls and things on string that fly in the air!

Please ensure you introduce new situations slowly and we recommend setting up a room for any new cat to encourage a calm and easy settling-in period.

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Elsa has a very quiet personality. She enjoys being around the action but will perch herself in a high vantage point to watch from afar.

She gets along with other cats beautifully and would be happiest in a mature home with no young children.

She will come to you for attention and will arch up when you scratch at the base of her tail. Elsa loves playing in cat tunnels and with things on string. She will happly keep herself busy playing on her own but likes to seek out someone to sleep next to.

Please ensure you introduce new situations slowly and we recommend setting up a room for any new cat to encourage a calm and easy settling-in period.

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Keith is a very lively and confident boy. He loves attention and exploring his environment. Within ten seconds of encountering Keith, he starts to purr as loudly as Rolls Royce engine

He would love to be a member of anyone's family and gets on well with other kittens or cats. He also has a soft side and loves to be cuddled and will stare at you his gorgeous eyes in the most endearing fashion.

Keith loves his toys and is able to turn just about anything into his play thing. He is currently living with his adorable sister Partridge and would love to be adopted with her. However he is just as happy to find his new furever home by himself.

He would be very happy with children too, as he loves company and playing with anyone who is interested.

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